What makes you different from other photographers?


I always look at my clients as friends in the end, and that's how I like to treat them. It is an absolute honor for me to capture these moments for you to have for a lifetime. Working with me is stress free and fun. My goal is to capture you in your most natural form. At weddings, I am always blending in, never obtrusive, and constantly capturing your special day. I am super organized, yet down to earth. I not only capture those candid moments but am able to step in and guide at the same time. I'd call myself patient and very thorough and will double as your photographer and part-time wedding planner (should you be interested in that). I love to help my couples with anything they may need even if it doesn't have to do with photography (vendor suggestions, timelines, favors, styling, etc). I wear a lot of hats (happily) on wedding days. There are lots of things happening at the same time and I do what I can to make things go smoothly so that you can truly enjoy your day.




How would you describe your photography style?


My style is a mix of true to color and fine art, as I have a fine art background. While I am shooting I like to keep couples moving around, so that you'll never feel rigid or bored. I will position you but will also let you know if something needs a change if it looks awkward. It is my job to make you look and feel your best on your big day so that you can have your photographs as memories for the rest of your life!




What is your favorite thing about what you do?


I truly look at each moment like I am creating art. It is an absolute honor for me to capture these moments for you to have for a lifetime. I love finding unique details and experimenting to create one-of-a-kind images. I love going to new places and using those opportunities to be even more creative. If you ask anyone I've worked with, they'd tell you I am always smiling behind the camera, because I really love what I do!

What made you become a photographer?


I've been in love with photography ever since I was a kid. I remember getting little polaroid cameras as gifts and taking photos on beach trips and making books out of them. My Grandpa had a collection of various film cameras that he gave me and I absolutely cherish. I went to school to become an Arts Educator and during that time, my chosen focus was photography. I learned both black and white and color darkroom processes and film. I was also able to experiment with older style film cameras and work in the studio. I am so lucky to be able to do what I love and use my artwork to capture memories.





First, I think it's important to see if the images draw you in. What about the photographs captures your attention? Is it the coloring or the "feeling" of them? Also, consider the style that will be your one chance to capture that day. Are these the type of photos you want to look at forever? After finding photographers you are interested in, reach out and get a feel for their personality. Not only do you want to be happy with the work, but you want to be happy with who you literally will be hanging out with all day. Is it someone you really jive with? Remember, they are going to not only provide you with outstanding photos, but they are going to be your third wheel for the day! If you can, meet in person over some coffee or facetime!

what is your process like, start to finish?


After shooting a wedding, I come home, and while I back up all of my work, I usually relax with a beer and take a nice long shower. After I'm all cleaned up, I choose the photos I will be previewing for the following day (or even that night!). After the preview, I take about 10 weeks to meticulously look at everything that's been shot and make the best selections for the final gallery. Each image is touched at least three times until I feel they have been perfected and are ready for delivery. I edit using Lightroom and Photoshop. I sometimes send additional previews throughout the weeks until the final product is delivered because I get so excited to share my work and memories of the special day with each couple.

What kind of packages do you provide/suggest?


My team and I will capture your day from getting ready, celebrating with family and friends, and every unique detail. I offer several different packages which include a variety of hours, engagement sessions and albums. On average, most weddings need photography for about 8 hours. I also offer elopement and small wedding packages for those who are looking for a more intimate day. I work with each couple to figure out which package suits them the best, and if needed create a unique one for their day.

After the wedding, you will receive a password protected online gallery to share with your friends and family. The gallery will let your wedding guests relive your wonderful day and purchase prints as well. Finally, you will receive a flash drive with all of your wedding images as a keepsake and to use to print photos as you wish.


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